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Privacy And Confidentiality of Information

The Privacy Policy of Tharwa
Tharwa Investment Company takes great importance in order to maintain the confidentiality of the information available to it, or internal information that may be obtained in the context of its work on securities activities, and in particular data and information about their clients and their investments. Tharwa is committed to provide a high level of security and secrecy related to the collection and use of personal information to its customers, where the application of the highest security standards and procedures that will help to prevent the diversion of any of the confidential information obtained.

In Tharwa, the privacy policy is integral and complementary to the policy of disclosure and conflict of interest and the charter of professional conduct and moral values part. Seeking through them to make sure that all data and information about their clients and their investments as well as business information or contractual being treated complete secrecy, are obliged to establish all necessary measures to protect them measures, and is making efforts to develop appropriate policies for non-leaking of any such information or data. As you take all measures to ensure to have to deal with that data and information shrouded in crisis, with the exception of the following cases:

  1. Required by disclosure requirements in accordance with the applicable laws, most notably the Regulations issued by the Capital markets related to this law body.
  2. Disclosure in judicial orders or the investigating authorities.
  3. If the customer has agreed to be disclosed.

Mail information security
Aware of the wealth of the information security through electronic means must be processed in confidence to the extent permitted by the technology by taking all measures to ensure to have to deal with that data and information shrouded in secrecy, except as required by disclosure requirements in accordance with the applicable laws.

And it respects their customers rights fortune with respect to the confidentiality of information and apply the highest security standards and measures that will help prevent any access to any of the confidential information, which is based security of information on the following provision:

  • Protect operating systems systems.
  • Programs and applications to protect systems.
  • Protection of database systems.
  • Protection of access or access to systems or

General Provisions

  • Tharwa is fully committed to maintaining the standards of confidentiality and privacy through the application of the highest applicable standards of protection in this regard and you develop constantly according to the possibilities of the company and within the regulations and legal frameworks.
  • The company is committed to not sharing information and confidential with any third party not authorized or unauthorized or not ever need to see them out of his job in the company or dealing with it duly followed and contractual rules and legal recognized and Terms and Conditions which are agreed on her.
  • Will not be the company to publish private information or allow any party or person not authorized entry to these confidential company data and which contain private information back to customers.
  • Allow the company to its employees concerned access to data and private clients and confidential information and employees to provide customer service, according to the principle of the need for with a commitment to confidentiality.
  • That any use by the company of any tools or technical assistance programs through its website www.Tharwa.com, but be used or applied for the purposes of the aim of providing the best possible service to customers, in particular, will not allow the company to be the intent of the behind trace information and secret to customers or enable any person not authorized to have access to private and confidential data.
  • Tharwa takes technical measures and protection measures for the security of the information on its website in order to prevent any breach or misuse of any private information stored with us.
  • in cases where states where is to obtain information about the company or its customers, such as external auditors or law firms or IT services companies, the contracts with these parties should include a special condition to keep confidential the information that is declared out.
  • include the work of staff contracts the company should be their commitment to maintain the confidentiality of company information, which includes employees, customers and documents, documents of a confidential nature of information, and therefore he should not discuss any sensitive or confidential information private company wealth or discuss customer information no matter what the type of information with any a third party, including the media.