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Advisory Services

Investment Banking and Investment Advisory Management

Tharwa Investment Company offers Merger and Acquisition (M&A) services, feasibility studies, restructuring, and company valuations.

Our Investment Banking department offers advisory services for businesses in all stages of development. Fields in which we consult include creation of a new business, expansion of an existing business, corporate restructuring, legal and financial analysis. As part of Tharwa’s advisory services, we organize due diligence, both financial and legal, for the client.

Strategic Investments

The department engages in a number of activities which fall into the category of strategic investments. Such activities the founding and creation of subsidiary companies locally and internationally, the acquisition of assets which add value, as well as the drafting of medium and long-term strategies for achieving goals. 

In 2007, the Strategic Investment Management established ‘Tharwa’ in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the objective of integrating into profit-generating investments within the Kingdom. This primarily involved direct investments in the real estate development sectors.

Investment Consultancy Services

Tharwa company offers consulting services that cover all stages of establishing and developing activities, business, expansion, restructuring, and provides financial and analytical services.

Research And Feasibility Studies

We offer our clients research studies and feasibility studies on potential local and international projects, finances, and investments. This research may include strategic and financial analysis for the company/investment as a whole.