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Asset Management

Investment in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

Tharwa’s Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Investment department offers investors comprehensive access to Kuwaiti and other Middle East Capital Markets. By teaming together an experienced, diverse and result driven management we are able to systematically and consistently accomplish our objectives and to maximize return for clients. Our ability to meet our investment goals is evident in a sound historic record of investment returns regardless of capital markets’ performance; this is due to our professional analytical and management skills which enable us to identify and take advantage of profitable investment opportunities.

  1. Developing portfolio strategies in collaboration with the company’s management and clients.
  2. Establishing a framework and trading strategies, as well as managing portfolios, investment funds, and pledged assets, along with creating procedures for liquidating or terminating these investments when necessary.
  3. Formulating the overall organizational framework for managing collective investment system.

Direct Investment

The Direct Investment Department operates on both local and international interests, covering various economic sectors with medium to long-term investment objectives. These activities are geared towards achieving capital gains and securing a consistent income stream within the real estate, services, and technology sectors. The department offers comprehensive investment solutions to clients and manages specialized investment funds and asset management products. Additionally, it innovates investment tools and products designed to facilitate co-investment opportunities with Tharwa Company. The overarching goal is to achieve financial growth, foster strategic partnerships, and provide liquidity for both the company and its clients.

The Direct Investment Department follows an investment approach guided by the following principles:

  1. Structuring asset purchase and sale transactions.
  2. Evaluating investment opportunities.
  3. Continuously monitoring investment performance to maximize value and achieve investment objectives.
  4. Developing executable exit plans.

International Investment

A department that handles all financial services provided to clients outside the State of Kuwait which are equities, fixed income products, structured products, and alternative investments, to name a few.

With the aim of maximizing financial gains for both Tharwa and its clients, Tharwa Investment Company has renowned partners in key global financial centers.

The department follows a dynamic method when proposing asset allocation to clients, which are usually shaped and molded based on the need of each investor individually, while taking into consideration factors such as risk tolerance, investment time, overall return objective and any constrictions, the department provides the best solutions and recommends changes, if necessary, along the way. One of the crucial activities performed by the department is closely monitor international investments and provide reports.