Human Resources & Administration Department at Tharwa is designated to maintain and administer the Recruitment and Selection program to ensure uniformity and fairness in the recruiting process in order to promote an environment where employees work together to make Tharwa a leader in each of the business we are engaged in.


Human Resources Philosophy of Tharwa is based upon the belief that the success of Tharwa is a direct result of its employees, operating the business in such a way as to provide a worldwide competitive advantage.

  • To select the right person for the right job on the basis of individual’s qualifications governed by such factors as education, experience, skill and other characteristics deemed critical by hiring manager.
  • The selection will estimate of future needs of human resources “employees” to meet the targeted business plan for the organization.
  • To carefully select employees for leadership positions, and to provide them with the opportunity of keeping skills abreast of current technological developments and to empower employees to make decisions to the maximum of their abilities.
  • The hiring department will ensure that vacancies exist within the approved manpower estimated and that the job has been evaluated.
  • Securing suitable candidates to interviews is done thought reviewing CV, employee referrals, and employment agencies.
  • Candidates identified possessing the required qualifications for the job, will be contracted for interviews and assessments.
  • Unsuccessful applicants in this process will receive a letter thanking them for their interest in Tharwa. Where appropriate, candidates CV will be retained on file for future vacancies.
  • The selected candidates will be provided a job offer, followed by an employment contract on completion of probation and necessary employment formalities.