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Company Overview

Tharwa Investment Company was established in 2006 as a closed Kuwaiti shareholder company with a paid capital of KD15.112.500 million, aiming to provide a wide variety of innovative investment services and products with a particular focus on asset management & Investment Products.

Tharwa establishment came as a result of the concerted efforts of a group of businessmen specialized in the investment sector with great experience in this field and pioneers of the market industry in the Kuwait Stock Exchange who use cutting-edge research and analysis to identify the best investment opportunities. Thus, Tharwa has become one of the leading companies in the investment sector by focusing on asset management activities and providing innovative investment products that have met the aspirations of customers and responded to their goals.

Tharwa granted its investors the opportunity to access the capital markets through various deals at the local and international levels by providing products and services that contributed to the success of their investment projects. It also provides investment advisory and wealth management services to help clients create a customized investment strategy that matches their unique goals.