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Privacy And Confidentiality of Information

The Privacy Policy of Tharwa

Tharwa Investment Company places great importance on maintaining the confidentiality of accessible information, particularly the internal information obtained during its securities activities, and specifically data and information related to its clients and their investments. Tharwa is committed to providing a high level of security and confidentiality regarding the collection and use of personal information for its clients. The highest standards and security measures are applied to prevent any leakage of confidential information obtained.

In Tharwa, the privacy policy is an integral part of the disclosure policy, conflict of interest policy, and the professional code of conduct and ethical values. Through these policies, the company aims to ensure that all data and information related to its clients, their investments, as well as business or contractual information, is handled with utmost confidentiality. Tharwa is committed to implementing all necessary measures to protect this information and strives to develop appropriate policies to prevent any leakage of such information or data. As part of these measures, the company takes all necessary actions to ensure the required confidentiality in handling such data and information, except in the following cases:

1. As required by disclosure regulations in accordance with applicable laws, including regulations issued by the relevant Capital Market Authority associated with this law.

2. Disclosure based on court orders or investigative authorities.

3. If the client consents to disclosure.

Mail Information Security

Tharwa recognizes that electronic information security must be treated with the utmost confidentiality, to the extent allowed by technology, by taking all necessary measures to ensure that handling such data and information is surrounded by complete secrecy, except as required by disclosure requirements in accordance with applicable laws.

Tharwa also respects the rights of its clients regarding the confidentiality of information and implements the highest security standards and procedures to help prevent any unauthorized access to these confidential details. Our information security relies on providing the following:

1. Operating Systems Security.

2. Protective Systems for Software and Applications.

3. Database Security Systems.

4. Access Control or Login Protection Systems.

General Provisions

  • Tharwa Company is fully committed to maintaining confidentiality and privacy standards by applying the highest protection standards applicable in this regard, and continuously evolving in line with the company’s capabilities and within legal systems and frameworks.

  • The company is committed not to share private and confidential information with any unauthorized third party, or those without legitimate need, to access it based on their role within or interaction with the company, following established principles, contractual and legal rules, and agreed-upon terms and conditions.

  • The company will not publish any private information or allow any unauthorized party or individual to access its confidential data, which includes information related to its clients.

  • The company allows its designated employees access to customer data and confidential information for customer service purposes, based on the principle of necessity, with a commitment to confidentiality.

  • In any use of tools or technological programs through its website, the company’s utilization or application is solely for the purpose of providing the best possible service to customers, with the condition of protecting their information.

  • In cases where information about the company or its clients’ needs to be obtained, such as external auditors, law firms, or information technology service companies, contracts with these parties must include a specific clause for maintaining the confidentiality of the disclosed information.

  • Employee contracts at the company include a provision stating their commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of company information, including employees, clients, and documents with confidential information. Therefore, no sensitive or confidential information related to Tharwa Company should be discussed with any third party, including the media.

  • Tharwa implements technical security measures and procedures to protect the information stored on its website, aiming to prevent any violation or misuse of any private information stored with us.