Asset Management

Asset Management

Investment in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

Tharwa’s Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Investment department offers investors comprehensive access to Kuwaiti and other Middle East Capital Markets. By teaming together an experienced, diverse and result driven management we are able to systematically and consistently accomplish our objectives and to maximize return for clients. Our ability to meet our investment goals is evident in a sound historic record of investment returns regardless of capital markets’ performance; this is due to our professional analytical and management skills which enable us to identify and take advantage of profitable investment opportunities.

Direct Investment

The Direct Investment Department represents one of the key investment arms of the company.

As a comprehensive department with both local and international interests, the Direct Investment Department is responsible for the company’s medium to long term investments across diversified sectors. The objective of such investments is to earn capital gains and create a steady flow of income for the company. Sectors which are included within the functions of the department are real estate, services and technology. With this in mind, the Direct Investment Department also offers inclusive solutions for Tharwa clients that seek to invest in what the department offers.

In addition to this primary function of deal creation and participation, Tharwa’s Direct Investment Department also deals with all Specialized Funds which flow into the company. Asset Management vehicles that provide Tharwa clients the opportunity to co-invest with Tharwa itself are found, assessed, and processed by this central department. All due diligence and investment screening for such products is under the leadership of the Direct Investment Department with the aim of achieving financial growth, strategic partnerships and generating cash flow for Tharwa and its clients.

International Investment

Tharwa Investment Company engages in asset management activities not only at the local level, but internationally as well.

The International Investment Department is dedicated to all financial services that we provide our clients outside of the State of Kuwait which include but are not restricted to equities, fixed income products, structured products and alternative investments.

Tharwa Investment Company has a wide scope of partnerships in key global financial centers with the aim of maximizing financial gains for both Tharwa and our clients. The International Investment Department employs a dynamic method to propose asset allocation to clients which is shaped and molded to the needs of the individual investor. By taking into consideration factors such as risk tolerance, investment time horizon, overall return objective and any particular constraints, the department provides the best solution and recommends changes, if necessary, along the way.

One of the pivotal activities performed by Tharwa’s International Investment Department is monitoring international investments closely and providing reports and reviews on their performance. With this in mind, the International Department strives to be Tharwa’s comprehensive key to the global financial community.

Market Maker

Tharwa Investment Company is a leading market maker on Boursa Kuwait. Its primary mission is to create liquidity in the market and to be available on the bid and offer side, narrow down the spread between them, and encourage trading for at least 80% of the daily trading hours over a single calendar month period.


As a licensed market maker from the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), Tharwa Investment Company makes a market for several mandates which are tailored to meet the specific requirements of selected listed stocks and post-IPO listings.


Tharwa Investment Company is appointed by and contracted by listed entities experiencing trading disruption due to inconsistent liquidity, with such disruptions remedied through the appointment of a Market Maker. Listed entities enjoying a steady stream of trade flows benefit from a broader investor base and a lower liquidity discount.