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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility as we see in Tharwa can be defined by the company's development of programs and policies that lead to the achievement of social goals that integrate with the economic goals in it, that is, it is the continuous commitment by the company to act ethically, contribute to achieving economic development, work to improve the quality of services, and combat pollution.

Tharwa realizes the importance of its role towards social responsibility in development, the economy, and society as a whole, as it has placed social responsibility among its priorities since its establishment in 2006, and since then Tharwa has harnessed some of its efforts and capabilities to serve the community, and contribute to its development, and this has been manifested through the provision of job opportunities, training, environmental protection and pollution reduction in confirmation of its social responsibility towards the society in which we operate.

From here was launched our vision, which emphasizes the commitment to the social responsibility of the company, where we sought to achieve this vision by adhering to the principle of transparency for all our work and activities and always striving to find a model for the company that cares about the social aspect as well as its interest in the financial and technical aspects.

To achieve this vision, Tharwa has shown full attention since its inception to the most important factors for the success of corporate social responsibility, which we define as follows:

Employees:  We are proud of our team, and we seek to provide a suitable and attractive work environment through fair recruitment procedures based on professional competence away from any discrimination, and we preserve the rights of our employees, and invest in their development so that they can perform their current and future tasks with high efficiency, and we also seek to provide a healthy and safe work environment, to be the first choice in employment, with our full commitment to the Kuwaiti Labor Law as a minimum to maintain the rights of workers.

Community:  We seek to make a difference in the society in which we live by harnessing our financial, human and technical resources, to promote sustainable development, and raise the level of our society, and we seek to provide appropriate financial and in-kind contributions according to the available capabilities.

Environment:  Despite the nature of our service activities and operations that do not harm the environment in which we live, we are keen on the rational use of energy and water sources, avoiding environmental pollution, and reducing our use of natural resources such as paper through continuous improvement in our work environment.